Helles workshop


In a corner of the shop is Helles workshop where she takes great pleasure in forming the claymaterials.   —Mainly because she just cant help it!!!

  The clay holds so many possibilities and joined with the beautifull glaces, it prickels the curiosity and the urge to experiment.

  Here houses are built. Many different seizes and with different motives; a hen with her chickens, mice, birds or perhaps charecters from the tales of H.C.Andersen ...
You can place a firelight in the house and let it bring a cozy athmosphere in your house or outside by your front door.

Miserable pixies are just wonderfull!!!    —They are arrogant, selfrightious, vaine and pixieish!!!
If you have one in your home, you must treat it well and respectfully. If you do that, it will help you. If you don´t, I can not answer for the consequenses ...

  Little fine and personal childrens mugs. With the name and drawings on. Place an order for a mug in child seize, so it fits just right for the little person you know.

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