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Have you tried the very tasty herb salts from Ærø?
Let this be a warning to you .........It is highly addictive!!
Some prefer the “hverdagssalt”(the every day salt) with the herbs we know from the garden. Others have become truely addicted to the “red salt” the one created for pizza and steak.You apply the salt to your food as tou would kitchen salt.It gives a nicely light spicy finish to the taste of the dish you are preparring.

The soap from Ærø is made by hand. It is gentle to your skin. The great variety of added herbs and flowers makes it easy to find just the right one for you.

Then there is “the sweet tooth”. Both Lone and Helle have one....

And as we are both grown up ladies, and have our feminine figures to mind (!) we will only be tempted by something really nice! We have found a fine selectin of chokolate, boiled sweets and that homemade caramel from Bornholm.

Is there better compagny for a piece of chokolate than a steaming hot cup coffe? You will find the coffe in the Milk Maids Coffe room. We have the very nice freshly roasted coffe beans from Laurits Winthers. You can also buy freshly ground coffe in the shop, to take home.

Magdalene also presents favorite teas or luxury teabags, for that tea thirsty person.


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